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2017-2018 Registration Form

Thank you so much for your patience.  I am really excited about our new enrollment procedures.  Please let me know what you think. Follow these instructions…

A.  Log in to Gradelink using this link https://secure.gradelink.com/gradelink to re-enroll.  The Re-enroll tab will be active by default.

B.  Enrollment forms will be pre-populated using information the school has on file for your student.  Parents are asked to check the     information for accuracy and make any corrections or additions.

C.  If you have multiple students, you need to re-enroll each one separately.

D.  To enroll a new student, click the following link: 2017-2018 Registration form

The registration schedule will remain the same.   Watch for email confirmations and further instructions.  All registration fees and tuition will be collected using Smart Tuition.  Please call Tena Quinton if you have any questions regarding registration.