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Fall Festival


Mark your calendar for October 12, 5-8 pm.


Here are just a few exciting Festival details:

·Ticket and Wristband Sales begin Thursday (September 14), a 25% savings!

·Tethered Hot Air Balloon ride (last flight at sunset).

·Dinner concessions fundraiser provided by the 8th grade class.

·Kona-Ice Shaved Ice (prices may vary).


This is going to be a big event as we have advertised in the Pioneer News.  So this is where you come in… We need your volunteer help to make this a success.  Please look for communication from your Room Parent or Teacher outlining the following in detail:

1.       Each parent is needed to sign up to run a game during a short time frame

2.       Each family is needed to bring in the following items:

a.       Stuffed Animal(s) – any and all sizes welcome, and

b.       Two “jars” filled with themed prizes (e.g., mason jars, water bottles, pitchers… filled with candy, army men, hair bows, golf balls, gardening seeds…) and

c.        A bag of candy – again to be used as prizes for the games, and

d.       One two liter bottle of soda, and

e.       A cake or dessert.

Note: Items can can be brought to school any time, and placed in the Fall Festival box that is sitting right inside of the gym door. Please bring the cake/dessert to the school gym Friday, October 12.


If you or someone you know sells crafts, is a local business or small business and would like to setup a booth during Fall Festival, please share this vendor application link.


Please visit the Fall Festival website or contact your room parent for more information.



We are going to have a wonderful time, see you there!


All for His glory!

Your Little Flock Parent Teacher Fellowship