A Christ-centered, mission-minded K-8 school providing excellence through academic leadership with a biblical worldview.

A Note From Our Administrator

On behalf of our staff, board of directors, parents, and students, we welcome you to Little Flock Christian Academy. We have been in operation over twenty five years serving families in our community that are looking for a safe, affordable, Christian environment for their children. Little Flock Baptist Church saw the need for a Christian school in the area and made the commitment to provide one. We believe that the world’s attack on respect for God and each other is escalating and it is imperative that children learn to see the world through God’s eyes in order to become effective leaders, friends, and family members.

Our curriculum is based on national and state standards and a Christian worldview. The curriculum is designed to meet the academic, physical, and spiritual needs of our students with a particular emphasis on seeing the world from God’s perspective.

Our administration’s role is to ensure that our mission is followed in our teaching, worship, activities, and finances. We hold our staff accountable for their instruction, guidance, and role-modeling; the students for their learning and behavior; the parents for their support; and our board of directors for guidance and financing.

The website provides information about our school from enrollment to activities, including links to our curriculum, handbooks, and library. Take a look at what we offer and come visit us soon.