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The News

Summer Office Hours

The school office will be open from 9:00-1:00 on Wednesdays. If you need assistance outside of that day or time, you may email cdriscoll@lfca.com, agipson@lfca.com, or tquinton@lfca.com, or call 957-7686 and leave a message.

Background Checks

All volunteers must have a completed background check on file in the office. You may access this form on the school’s website under the PTF tab. This must be completed if you wish to attend any field or mission trips, volunteer in the classroom or for class parties, or be considered as a substitute teacher. *If you have completed a background check (with LFCA or LFBC) as of June 1, 2018, you do not need to complete another one at this time.*

To complete a background check, click here.

Save These Items!

LFCA collects the following items as part of our fundraising efforts and missions program: Box tops, can tabs for Ronald McDonald House, empty shoe boxes, gift bags and wrapping paper for missions, plus many other things. Visit the PTF link for further information.  We are no longer collecting plastic lids- except for coke products.