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Achievement Testing Scores Delayed

Here is a message from ACSI concerning the delay:


Dear Parents,

Your child’s TerraNova 3 score reports have been delayed this year due to circumstances beyond the control of ACSI or your school. We understand the difficult position in which this puts your Christian school and you as parents. For that we are deeply sorry. We have let you down. Data Recognition Corporation, ACSl’s assessment partner, has actively been converting its systems from the prior publisher ‘s platform to their own platform. Making certain that this conversion generates completely accurate score reports is the cause for this delay. ACSI assures you of our unqualified commitment to serve your school community through this assessment program. We are aggressively addressing this issue with Data Recognition Corporation to make sure that this issue is completely resolved and that it will not be repeated.

Sincerely ,
The ACSI Assessment Team


UPDATE 8/25/17

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