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PTF stands for Parent Teacher Fellowship. We need you. We can’t do it without you. Please join us this school year.

PTF’s Mission

The mission of the LFCA Parent Teacher Fellowship is to serve our teachers and students by engaging parents in volunteer service to our school community.

Additionally, we strive to create opportunities for fellowship with our families. It is our objective to accomplish this mission by focusing on the following:

  • Raising money to support LFCA through the purchase of instructional and educational materials
  • Providing opportunities for families to fellowship in a small school environment
  • Encouraging volunteerism and service to the LFCA family and the community at large
  • Providing hospitality for the LFCA teachers and staff
  • Communicating needs, events and servant-leader opportunities
  • Striving for 100% membership in the PTF

We welcome your support, ask that you become an official member of the PTF, and seek your participation through the many volunteer opportunities. Stay up-to-date with PTF events through our Facebook page.

Please note: Everyone must have an up to date background check on file with the school.  The records are valid for three years.  If you need to know if yours is still good, contact Mrs. Gipson at agipson@littleflockchristianacademy.com.  If you plan on going on field trips (even if you don’t have other students in your vehicle), volunteering in the school or helping with an event, you must have a background check to ensure safety for all of our students. The background checks are free and can be filled out on the school website. 

If you are interested in being a room parent click here.

cummings shannon

PTF President- Shannon Cummings

yates angela
PTF Vice President- Angela Yates


hatfield melissa
PTF Secretary- Missy Hatfield