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Stephanie PattersonMusic Teacher

Welcome to music! I’ve been teaching music at LFCA since 2014.

In music, we start early to prepare for our Christmas Concert.  This year, our concert is scheduled for later in November.  In addition to age-appropriate music lessons, we also play instruments, including boomwhackers and percussion instruments as students learn rhythm and melody concepts.  I’m looking forward to making music with your students this year!

A little about me…I’ve been on the Worship Ministry staff at Little Flock Baptist Church since 1998. I’ve done everything from direct the Academy of Arts, lead choirs, including adults and children, drama and produce musicals. I love the creative aspect surrounding music and can’t wait to bring this to the classroom. I earned my Bachelor’s in Church Music from Baptist College of Florida and my Masters in Music from Southern Seminary. I’m married to Sam and we have four children.