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– 20 sits ups daily

-10 push ups

-25 calf raises

-walk/jog around the block

Remember to warm your muscles up, then stretch!


Kindergarten – 3rd Grade: Must wear tennis shoes on their assigned PE day. They must also wear uniform/school shorts and/or pants. If girls are wearing a skirt or dress, then they must have shorts under them on PE days.
4th – 8th grade: This year the 4th-8th will have PE Uniforms and they will change at the beginning of class. Students are to wear black athletic shorts (or pants) that are no shorter than 2 inches above the knee (it is okay to have a stripe or logo). They must wear a Little Flock T-shirt.
GRADING: Each student will start out with an A+ at the beginning of the grading period. It is their job to keep it. They will keep their “A” if they participate daily during PE AND wear their uniform on PE days (including shoes). If students are not wearing their uniform, tennis shoes or participate they will be deducted a point for each item and each day they choose to not follow the dress code. The student will also not be allowed to participate during PE class and will be given a writing assignment to be completed during that class time.


Mrs. Sonya Smith