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The News

Yearbook Signing Party

There will be a yearbook signing party on Thursday, July 14, in the school theater, from 5:00-7:00. Come pick up your pre-ordered yearbook, see friends and have them sign it, and enjoy an ice cream fellowship with your LFCA family.

4th Quarter Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance

All A Honor Roll: Marielle Bland, Nolan Bott, Preston Miller-Richardson, Jace Schneider, Jaydn Barker, Lydia Cannon, Ella Daniels, Maddison Sanders, Emma Spalding, Christian Spieker, Reagan Waters, Lylah Drake, Hannah Hatfield, Jordan Bruner, Braylen Duncan, Chase Floyd, Kayla Meyer, Shelby Parker, Braxton Price, Zoe Wilson, Wesley Womack, Sammy Reynolds, Lila Riggs, Allison Spieker,
Colin Neagle, Abbie Tingle, Layne Alexander, Scott Alexander, Mackenzie Gibson, Emily Walker, Brooklyn McCarty, Jacob Parker,
Joshua Smith, Sarah Williams, 
Asa Clay, Grace Gipson, Trent Thompson

A-B Honor Roll: Hannah Bandy, Lucas Combs, James Cummings, Dawson Duncan, Kaitlyn Kendall, Sienna Morris, Owen Neagle,
Caden Riney, Abigail Smith, Maxwell Travis, 
Allie Wooldridge, Zachary Cummings, Taylor Durham, Jake Floyd, Joseph Foreman,
Nolan Thompson, 
Cameron Yates, Rowen Burton, Ava Clark, Lukas Esser, Amree Hammons, Jaxon Morris, Carissa Patterson, Max Payne, Benjamin Riedel, Ava Thomas, Ava Tipton, Brady Wilson, Kaylen Alexander, Emma Borel, Gabriel Brumfield, Nellie Cannon,
Macie Gray, 
Olivia Hazelton, Jamison Payton, Cooper Powell, Riley Rion, Rylan Smothers, Ellie Tingle, Lucas Alexander, Morgan Bandy, Kaylee Beeler, Gillian Berrier, Jackson Clayton, Kaden Daniels, Matthew Gathof, John Ingwersen, Kaidin James, Carli Mason,
Joshua Painter, 
Brooke Payne, Sarah Schepers, Riley Simpson, Michaela Vest, Haylie Whittaker, Will Elble, Mikayla Goldsmith,
Connor Hazelton, Derrick Johnson, Gracie Speer, 
Lindsey Spencer, Emma Burton, Walker Dean, Allison Glass, Brennon Hacker,
Cassidy McCormick, 
Kaitlyn Meyers, Jessica Painter, Brinley Pfeiffer, Tabitha Rowray, Mallory Wentworth, Callie Grant,
Stephen Harrington, Chelsea Lintelman, Joe Mattingly, Carrie Patterson, 
Alysia Rowray, Ashley Staples, Rylee Whitt, Connor Cissell, Harmony Gibson, Tori Simpson, Jade Stout, Matthew Vest, Brooke Vowels, Cady Coulardot, Bretton Hacker, Hannah Williams

Perfect Attendance: Marielle Bland, Maxwell Travis, Ella Daniels, Christian Spieker, Reagan Waters, Cameron Yates, Destin Webb,
Kayla Meyer, Shelby Parker, Cooper Powell, Braxton Price, Lucas Alexander, JT Anderson, Kaden Daniels, Tristyn Miller,
Joshua Painter, 
Haylie Whittaker, Lindsey Spencer, Levi Whitt, Reagan Whitt, Layne Alexander, Scott Alexander, Emma Burton,
Tabitha Rowray, Shelbi Harrington, Joe Mattingly, Brooklyn McCarty, Jacob Parker, Joshua Smith, Kayli Smith, Rylee Whitt, Grace Gipson


2015-2016 Principal’s Honor Roll (All A’s All Year)

Kindergarten- Marielle Bland

1st grade- Lydia Cannon, Maddison Sanders, Emma Spalding, Christian Spieker, Reagan Waters

2nd grade- Lylah Drake, Hannah Hatfield

3rd grade- Chase Floyd, Kayla Meyer, Shelby Parker, Wesley Womack

4th grade- Sammy Reynolds, Lila Riggs

5th grade- Colin Neagle, Abbie Tingle

6th grade- Scott Alexander, Mackenzie Gibson

7th grade- Brooklyn McCarty, Jacob Parker, Joshua Smith


2015-2016 Perfect Attendance

Reagan Waters, Cooper Powell, Brooklyn McCarty, Jacob Parker

Crusade for Children

Thank you LFCA families for giving $660.94 for the Crusade for Children!  That’s almost double what the school gave last year.  The classes had a UK vs UL penny contest and the results are:

UK $283.59 and UL $377.35
Top 3 giving classrooms:
4th grade- $145.79
Kindergarten- $120.34
6th grade- $99.92

School Summer Hours

LFCA office will be open every Wednesday throughout the summer from 9:00-noon.  If you need assistance outside of those areas, please call 957-7686 and leave a message or you may email Office Manager Tena Quinton at tquinton@littleflockchristianacademy.com; Principal Rick Grice at rgrice@littleflockchristianacademy.com, or Assistant Principal Anne Gipson at agipson@littleflockchristianacademy.com.


Middle School Chromebooks

All LFCA middle school students are required to have a Chromebook starting the 2016-2017 school year.  With your purchase, it is a great idea to get the warranty that is offered.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Driscoll cdriscoll@littleflockchristianacademy.com.

School Memo

You may find the school newsletter here or on the opening page of your Gradelink account.

Background Checks

All volunteers must have a completed background check on file in the office. You may access this form on the school’s website under the PTF tab. This must be completed if you wish to attend any field or mission trips, volunteer in the classroom or for class parties, or be considered as a substitute teacher. *If you have completed a background check (with LFCA or LFBC) as of June 1, 2014, you do not need to complete another one at this time.*